This is a calendar for anybody interested in Nordic religious history and who has a deep love for Viking inspired culture rooted in the Nordic past and mythology.

People behind the project:

Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen

- is a Historian of religion. He has a Ph.d. from the University of Uppsala. The Main focus of his research has been Afro-Atlantic polytheisms such as the Afro-Brazilian orisha-religion Candomblé. Rune has lived in many countries and done fieldwork in a number of contemporary (primarily Afrodescendant) kinds of religion, but since childhood he has had Nordic religion as a strong field of interest.

Today Rune is working on applying contemporary developments in anthropology to rethink the way we address Nordic religion both in terms of scholarship, but also as a reservoir of cultural knowledge for environmental activism and sustainability sensitization.

Uffe Berenth

-is a Nordic tattoo artist. He has tattooed Nordic styles and expressions since 2011, and has established himself as a representative of the Nordic tattoo renaissance. He is the initiative behind the studio Ginnungagap Art. Recently Uffe moved the studio out of Copenhagen and into an old farm in the country, where his clients come and spend their days, receiving their often very large tattoos. Originally educated as a graphic designer, he also has an education as a professional soldier, has lived in the streets of Edinburgh studying the old ways and magic. And, for five years he worked with Humanitarian aid, demining in Chechnya, Eritrea, Sudan and Angola. Uffe has worked in Meatshop tattoo, and later at the legendary tattoo shop “Kunsten på Kroppen“, the cradle and international bench mark of the New Nordic Tattoo renaissance. During his development in Nordic tattooing Uffe has continuously been working with the idea of the tattooing process as a Nordic Animistic ritual aimed at supporting the client in healing, empowerment and finding their personal path.

Ave Maria Nielsen

- is a freelance graphic designer. She has studied leather-work at Art School of Tartu, and Visual Communications at Chicago Art Institute and the Danish Design School. She loves to work with mixed medias, such as: graphic illustrations, photography and patterns. Among other projects she is currently working on a hand painted skateboard collection with Nordic folklore patterns.