The Nordic Animism platform is working to reintroduce the Raven flag as a marker of kinship with the land among people in the Northern hemisphere.

(intro book for wall calendar)

The Nordic Animist Year is an introduction to traditional seasonal animism from Northern Europe to explain and accompany the Runic Animist Wall Calendar. The information in the book is generic and can be used year after year.

Vi er en projektgruppe som arbejder med at bringe den gamle Jul tilbage, den vilde jul, den festlige jul. Den Jul som var et karneval hvor de mørke kræfter bragte lyset tilbage og fornyede verden, Julebukkens Jul.

The Runic Animist Calendar is a beautiful and simple everyday tool that introduces seasonal animism from Northern Europe in your normal life.

This is a calendar for anybody interested in Nordic religious history and who has a deep love for Viking inspired culture rooted in the Nordic past and mythology.