This is an Nordic Animism inspired music project based on a collaboration between the musicians Kjell Braaten, Christine Kammerer HC Molbech, Julienne Doko, the illustrator Sara Bøgh and Rune Hjarnø, the anchor person on Nordic Animism. The track can be found on this linktree: https://hypeddit.com/ravenferd/ravenbringsrunes

The objective of the project is to affect cultural transformation by communicating the recovery of Nordic traditional knowledge of kinship with the other-than-human community of beings, an Animist knowledge that lies in our shared cultural heritage. The background for this is the following:

Raven totemism is found in animist and shamanistic cultures across the world. Hence, we see the Raven as a symbol that carries a message of connectedness and harmonious community between humans and our cohabitants of the lands that we inahbit. Raven calls for kinship with nature that surpasses the boundaries of nations and cultures. From a Nordic vantage point, the project aims at revitalising this ancient symbol by giving it a global cultural activist voice. Through music and video we give sound and image to Raven's voice, the message of ecological knowledge and man’s connectedness with nature.

The musical storytelling builds on perspectives on the Raven symbolism, based on the research conducted by Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen for the recovery of the contemporary Raven flag. The composition is a new and free interpretation of the medieval Danish ballad: “Raven leads Runes” (Ravn fører Runer). In this ancient song a woman sends Raven with runes to turn the wind and bring back the ship with her betrothed. Raven brings the runes that reforges the relation. The music video shows the global retaking of the Raven symbol. It aims at conveying how this symbol connects people across cultures and countries. Hence the project aims at building a bridge between cutting edge cultural research and popular culture.

Let us hear Raven's call to reforge the relation. Let us allow the runes to turn the wind on that doomed ship that is our consumer civilization. Let us take the inspiration from Raven and remobilize connectivity between man and nature.  Under the ancient totem standard of the Raven flag, let us build human community on the conditions of our refound kinship with the other-than-human world.

The Raven Brings Runes Collaboration

Kjell Braaten 
 Kjell Braaten is a musician, composer, producer, and spesialist in ancient Nordic music history and instruments 
Link tree: https://withkoji.com/@kjellbraaten

Sara Bøgh
Sara Bøgh // B-NIX is an illustrator and film editor, with a deep interest in folklore, mythology, and the re-enchantment of our times. 
insta: @bnix_illu  - https://www.instagram.com/bnix_illu/
web: www.b-nix.com

Christine Kammerer,
Christine Kammerer is a dramatic and folk singer, songwriter and composer and producer of early music in both in historical and contemporary productions.
Website http://ckammerer-music.com/index.php/about/
 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/christine.kammerer/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ckammerermusic

HC Molbech
HC Molbech is a classical singer, folk musician, composer, producer and interpreter of early music.
Web:  http://hcmolbech.dk/

Julienne Doko
Julienne Doko is a contemporary dancer and choreographer.
Web: https://www.instagram.com/juliennedoko

Rune Hjarnø
The anchor person and initiator of the Nordic Animism platform. https://linktr.ee/nordicanimis

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For contributions to the project we particuarly want to to extend our gratitude to: 

Ryan S. Bain
Scottish filmproducer responsible for filming the part of Christine Kammerer.

Donald Mark Shaw,
Inspirational Instruments for the use of studio: 

Find explanations of the Raven symbolism on the Nordic Animism Channel: