by Dr. Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen

The Nordic Animist Year is an introduction to traditional seasonal animism from Northern Europe to explain and accompany the Nordic Animist Wall Calendar. The information in the book is generic and can be used year after year.

North Europeans have a large reservoir of traditional animist knowledge which is largely forgotten or rejected. This book introduces the traditional seasonal animism. It describes the how the runic calendar works and how the cycles of the sun and the moon defines traditional life through a host of holidays, Heathen as well as folkloric. It is about 170 pages, has color illustrations and thorough explanations that offer the user a path into that animist knowledge that we have left behind when we became modern.

The book can stand by itself as an introduction to seasonal animism, or it can work as the manual for the Runic Animist Wall calendar.

Available in Nordic Animism webshop.


Here are a couple of videos centered on the content of the book from my youtube channel